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Any company that has an email you know that company is a scam. I was sold that my phone bills would be cheaper and a contract that said my monthly recurring charges would be $700, but then when the bill comes it is $300 more. Where did that $300 come from you ask? The tiny fine print that says that the MRC doesn't include taxes and other fees. Then when you complain they tell you to email their dispute department. ... Read more

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We are a large contracting company and we depend on our phone service. We have been AireSpring customers less than a year and have yet to experience reliable phone service. The list of outages is in excess of 30 over the 11 months. Average length of outage is 3 days. THREE DAYS ON AVERAGE! A business can NOT function without phone service. In the short time we have been customers, service was so bad, I was able to get a 4 month credit on our... Read more

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We are a business in metro Atlanta. An independent sales *** convinced us to go with AireSpring. that was a HUGE mistake! We have had nothing but trouble. Outages. Phones may work, but internet won't. It is always a headache, a whole lot of time and phone calls, and a long wait to get some sort of resolution to the problem. We got roped into a 3 year contract. I HATE contracts. And, this is why. For the last 2 years and 5 months, we haven't... Read more

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The good news, AireSpring has a lot of potential. Although it has a few bugs, and can have intermittent static calls, after they work out the issues, you should be good for several months until they have another static/crackle problem. They usually fix it after 3 - 4 calls and several emails. Eventually everything was fairly good for many years. Until we moved offices. The bad news, they keep billing your credit card even after you are no... Read more

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In MY opinion, worst customer service in the telecom industry. (and that is saying ALOT) While when actually talking to the techs they are friendly enough but their policies and procedures are totally like the Bell of old. They 'screw' you are every chance, constantly drop the ball, ping-pong you around other divisions without taking ANY ownership and generally a very bad company to do business with. You HAVE to watch your behind and make SURE... Read more

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This company calls you in for an interview, then during the interview they hardly ask you any questions about your experience because all they do is tell you about the position you have applied for, then at the end out of nowhere they spring an I.Q test on you that is timed. After the I.Q. test, they ask you to wait while they go and grade to test. If you don't pass the I.Q. test they come back and tell you "Well we won't be making any decisions... Read more

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Airespring outages are not common but when they do happen tech support is terrible. They never give details of what is going on or when issues my be resolved. The only answer I get is "we are trying to isolate the problem". As I type this my service has been down for over 30 minutes. This is a commercial account and when phones are down we are loosing money! I have contacted tech support on several occasions and can not report a single time when... Read more

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The management distrusts outside channel managers and you will use your equipment at your expense with no support. Get ready for California time calls every evening and Ron will not support you. These guys are scientologists and they will only hire you to get your agent database to fill what they do not have . If they so much as ever have sniffed your partner, you will no be able to work with them. I bey you, no matter how desperate you are do... Read more

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Rather unusual situation, they are unable to furnish a good connection with Europe (Italy and France), and after 50 e-mails, being called on weekends at 7 am by their technical reps and kept on the phone for 1/2 hr to allow them to "fix the problem", after having had my parents called in the middle of teh night "to check", they finally say "we are unable to perform", no ciontraectual obligations on my side, just... Read more

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